Look, Cover, Write and Check – spelling practice.

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This link will take you to an excellent website which the children can use to help practise their spellings. You can use the lists given or add in your own words by clicking on the word and then typing your own in. This is great for key words like ‘they’ that are often used but misspelt or for their weekly spellings lists. Happy practising!


Spellings – test 9.10.17

Rule: The prefixes mis

The prefix mis- normally means badly or incorrectly
e.g. mis + spell = misspell











Some children have these spellings…

  1. green
  2. end
  3. than
  4. best
  5. better
  6. coming
  7. he’s
  8. hour
  9. people
  10. half


This week’s spellings.

Homophones and near –homophones
Homophones are words that sound the same but they are spelled differently and have different meanings.

  1. mist, missed​
  2. peace, piece​
  3. break, brake​
  4. male, mail​
  5. scene, seen ​
  6. ball, bawl​
  7. rain, rein​
  8. small​
  9. smaller​
  10. smallest​




Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 20.29.23.png

This week’s spellings are homophones and this great online game helps you to learn your spellings. How many can you get right? Try to beat your score.

Spellings – Week beginning 8.5.17

The sound ay spelled ei, eigh, and ey

There are lots of different ways of spelling the ay sound. Three ways to spell the ay sound are with the letters ei, eigh or ey
Can you find the ay sound in these words?

  1. cent​
  2. sent​
  3. eight​
  4. obey​
  5. sleigh​
  6. prey​
  7. paperweight​
  8. possible​
  9. certain​
  10. particular​

Some children’s spellings are:

  1. magic​
  2. shouted​
  3. us​
  4. other​
  5. food​
  6. fox​
  7. through​
  8. possible​
  9. certain​
  10. particular​



Spellings – Week beginning 2.5.17

The sound s spelled sc

There are different ways of spelling the s sound. On way to spell it is with sc
Can you spot the s sound in these words?

e.g scene

  1. cheque​
  2. tongue​
  3. song​
  4. scene​
  5. scent​
  6. scissors​
  7. sent​
  8. enough​
  9. favourite​
  10. promise

Some children’s spellings are:

  1. river​
  2. liked​
  3. use​
  4. plants​
  5. i’ll​
  6. round​
  7. tree​
  8. enough​
  9. favourite​
  10. promise​


Next weeks spellings will be tested on Tuesday because of the bank holiday on the Monday.

This weeks spellings are the k sound spelled -que and the sound g spelled -gue

In some words the k sound is spelled –que. In some words the g sound is spelled –-gue.

  1. chef
  2. machine
  3. cheque
  4. tongue
  5. antique
  6. league
  7. boutique
  8. interest
  9. probably
  10. business

Some children have been given theses spellings

  1. let
  2. girl
  3. which
  4. across
  5. gone
  6. hard
  7. floppy
  8. interest
  9. probably
  10. business