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There are two games that you can use to help practise and recap the use of capital letters. Often, we forget them when we are concentrating so hard on our writing. Keep up all the hard work and practise.


Full- stops

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This game is to remind us where our full-stops go. Some children forget when they get carried away writing. This game will help you learn to re-read your work and practise adding your full stops which can be very tricky.


This weeks spag looked at punctuation. Which one is correct to use:

  • If the sentence is a statement we use a full stop.
  • If the sentence is a question we use a question mark ?
  • If the sentence is said loudly or with lots of emotion- like surprise, anger or excitement we use an exclamation markĀ  !

We played this game during the lesson and you can continue to look at how and why the punctuation is used.


Click on the image to take you to the game!Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 20.49.45.png