Igneous Rock

Yesterday we melted chocolate to show how igneous rock is made. We melted the chocolate to represent the lava and poured it onto  grease proof paper to then cool and form ‘igneous rock’. This really helped the children to understand how it is made.


Sedimentary Rock

Today in Science we made ‘sedimentary rock’ sandwiches. We learned how sedimentary rock was made and had a go at replicating that by pretending that the things we added to our sandwich were different layers or the rock.


Testing Rocks!

In science, this term, we are looking at rocks.  This week, we have tested rocks to find out if they are porous, how hard they are, whether they flat or sink and whether they are affected by vinegar.

We also used

testing rocks

to check our results and to find out about how rocks split as we were not able to try this for ourselves.

The children were very excited to find out that one type of rock does float!  Another types of rock fizzes when vinegar is placed on it.

Over the next few weeks, we will be discovering how rocks were made, how fossils were made and how soil is made.


Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 20.46.10.png

In this weeks science lesson, we had great fun pretending to be the blood collecting oxygen from the lungs and being pumped around the body by the heart. This video has a great explanation to help you understand the process.