Number Bonds

This is another key skill we have been practising in maths. This game will help you practice your number bonds to 20 and 100. The missing numbers fit in the gaps to complete the slide.

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Number Bonds

Number bonds are so important to learn and be able to use in maths all the day. If you know them off by heart then you will be able to answer maths questions much quicker.

The link below takes you to a great game to practice them.

Click Number Bonds

Then try the ‘Make 10’ see how many you can get right in the time.

Then try the ‘ Make 20’ to see how many you can get right.

Then try the ‘ Make 100’.

A refresh of all of these is needed to help keep that maths brain sharp. Have fun!

Let me know how many you get in the time.


Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 19.39.56.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-19 at 19.40.05.png

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My Maths

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I have set some more activities on My Maths for you to continue learning at home. There are some more multiplication activities to help with this week’s learning.

Column Addition with Carrying

Now your child has practiced addition in columns without carrying, they are ready to understand why the ten needs to be carried across to the tens column.

Explain that any number greater than 9 can not be written in the units column. They will need to partition the number into tens and units and write the additional ten below the tens column ready to be added. Again reinforce that we always begin with the units column.

If they cross out the additional ten when adding,  it will encourage fewer mistakes when adding mentally.

Watch the clip below to practice with your child.

Column subtraction

This week we are focusing on column subtraction. These videos show exactly how we will be learning the method in class. Please take a look and practice at home.

Now your child has practiced subtraction in columns without exchange, they are ready to understand why we can exchange a group of tens to add more to the units column.

Explain that when the units digit is not large enough to take away from, they will need to borrow a ten from the tens column to make the units number larger. They must remember to cross out the tens digit they are borrowing from and write the new tens digit in its place.

Watch the clip below to practice with your child.