Inspire Workshop

There is an inspire workshop, on Wednesday 25th April. The workshop will involve making boats.

The children have designed what they wish their boat to look like and have brought their designs home to share with you. They have made a list of things they think they will need such as: margarine tubs, cardboard, tinfoil, cling film, straws, paper, cocktail sticks, string, amongst other things.

I have spoken to the children about discussing their ideas with you and how they may need to adapt their designs. Feel free to edit and amend the designs together.

Please do not  make anything prior to coming in, but please bring in any appropriate resources that you will need for your child’s boat. If you have an extra containers they are always appreciated. Thank you.


Inspiring workshop!

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We had a wonderful morning in 3WL today! Our classroom was full! Thank you very much to all the adults who came in to help today. Great fun was had by all. There were some amazing creations! The pictures show the wonderful smiles on all the faces.

Thank you very much for all your support!

Plea – DT photo frames

If you have any of the following that you are able to send in next week. That would really help. The children will be making a photo frame as part of this half term’s Design and Technology.

  • Cardboard (cereal packets)
  • cotton wool
  • sequins
  • glitter
  • tinsel
  • pipe cleaners
  • anything christmas themed

Please know you do not need to send everything off this list. Your child has made a design and will know the equipment they would like. Please have a chat to them and see what they need.

Please send it in on Monday 4th December

Thank you

Some of our amazing holiday projects…

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This is just some of our amazing holiday projects! Miss Willetts and I have been very impressed with all of the holiday projects we have looked at so far and how hard you have all worked. Thank you very much and I can’t wait to look at some more tomorrow!

DT – Next Thursday

Next Thursday 29th June the children will be making photo frames with Mrs Parsons. She asked them to create their plan today and decide what they will need. Please can they bring in things from home for example; cereal boxes, foil, string. Please don’t go out and buy things but if you have extra cereal boxes or food packaging that would be great. Thank you in advance.