Our Performance – Following Charity Day

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Tomorrow Friday 9th February is our charity day where the children are coming dressed as an animal or in an animal print clothing (or mufti). We will do lots of activities during the day. We will be donating monies raised to the WWF. The children will then be presenting what they have learnt to their grown ups on Friday 16th February at 2.30pm in their classrooms. Please feel free to come along and watch. We can’t wait to share.


Science – The skeletal system

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This week we have learnt about the skeletal system in Science. We learnt the skeletons main jobs and some of the names of the bones. Can you remember the 3 main jobs of  the skeleton and can you remember any of the names of the bones?


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There are two games that you can use to help practise and recap the use of capital letters. Often, we forget them when we are concentrating so hard on our writing. Keep up all the hard work and practise.


In French we have been learning the days of the week. This catchy song shows us the pronunciation and helps us to remember.

This video helps you to learn the months of the year in French and then the children practised saying their birthdays. We had great fun!


This week we are focusing on column subtraction. These videos show exactly how we will be learning the method in class. Please take a look and practice at home.

Now your child has practiced subtraction in columns without exchange, they are ready to understand why we can exchange a group of tens to add more to the units column.

Explain that when the units digit is not large enough to take away from, they will need to borrow a ten from the tens column to make the units number larger. They must remember to cross out the tens digit they are borrowing from and write the new tens digit in its place.

Watch the clip below to practice with your child.