My Maths

I have set some more homework on my maths I had noticed some people had completed all of the activities I had set. Thank you that is brilliant! Please let me know if you have and want some more.  I did notice some people still haven’t accessed any! Please let me know if you need support.

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This week’s spellings are homophones and this great online game helps you to learn your spellings. How many can you get right? Try to beat your score.

Egyptian Pyramids

Ever wondered how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids? Well today we found out and the children really enjoyed discovering answers to all of their questions.

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Spellings and Homework

This week we would like you to take the opportunity to look back through your spellings books and practise any spellings that you found difficult in readiness for end of year.

Maths homework went home today. Please remember homework needs to be in on a Monday.



The possessive apostrophe with plural words

To show that something belongs to more than one person or thing, use a possessive apostrophe. Put this after the plural form of the word.

Some plural words don’t end in s. For these words, add an s after the apostrophe.

Some singular nouns already end in an s. For these words, add another s after the apostrophe.

  1. puppies
  2. cats
  3. The children’s books.
  4. The puppies lead.
  5. The women’s boots.
  6. The girl’s hairband.
  7. The cat’s food.
  8. supermarket
  9. presentation
  10. double

Some children have these spellings:

  1. sea
  2. last
  3. jumped
  4. before
  5. run
  6. under
  7. air
  8. supermarket
  9. presentation
  10. double

Golf competition

I would like to say a huge thank you to the children that took part in the golf competition at Hagley Golf club. We had a fantastic morning and the children demonstrated excellent team work and sportsmanship. You should all be very proud of your certificates and I hope lots of you take the opportunity to visit the golf club for your free session. Here are a few pictures so that you can see what we got up to.