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Re-post. This week we have been recapping our learning of how to use a variety of conjunctions in our writing. This game will help you connect the sentences choosing the appropriate conjunction. After you could have a go at writing your own story using some conjunctions. I would love to read them and I am sure it would be worth some extra dojo points!



spellings for test 5.2.18

The pattern –sure as in measure.
The sher sound at the end of the word is spelled sure.
E.g. Treasure

  1. jumped
  2. worried
  3. pleasure
  4. leisure
  5. pleasure
  6. measure
  7. treasure
  8. February
  9. special
  10. tongue

Some children have these spellings…

  1. when
  2. down
  3. away
  4. here
  5. once
  6. what
  7. made
  8. February
  9. special
  10. tongue

My Maths

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Today I have set some new activities on My Maths. Lots of you are now enjoying my maths. That is great news and it is helping to support learning in class too! Please keep up the hard work and let me know if you run out of activities.


In French we have been learning the days of the week. This catchy song shows us the pronunciation and helps us to remember.

This video helps you to learn the months of the year in French and then the children practised saying their birthdays. We had great fun!