101 Dalmatians

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Today was brilliant! The show was fabulous! The children were all really well behaved and listened and followed instructions perfectly. I was so proud!

Click the picture above to go to the REP website where you can see images from the show and see details about the show! Well done to the REP too, what a fabulous production!


Full- stops

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This game is to remind us where our full-stops go. Some children forget when they get carried away writing. This game will help you learn to re-read your work and practise adding your full stops which can be very tricky.


Blog – repost as requested.

Lots of the children have been working hard on their handwriting. These excellent videos demonstrate the correct formation. They are great to watch and practise.

This group of letters are called the Jumper Family and they all begin with a downward pull towards the line we are writing on.

The letters in this family are:

h  b  r  n  m  p

Remember that ‘b’ has no flick because when the pencil lands on the line we pull back and ‘hug the tree’.

In this letter family we use a pulling action to start every letter. It is important to remember that every letter must sit on the line – reinforce the word ‘bump’ when the pencil hits the line.

The letters in this family are:

c, a, d, g, q, o and s.

Although the letter ‘d’ looks tall it begins with the pull motion as we start with the letter ‘c’.


The letter ‘e’.

This is a special letter as it is the only letter of the alphabet formed in this way.

It has a unique starting starting point and the children need to understand that when they pull around the bottom of the letter must touch the line.

This group of letters are made by starting with a downward pull toward the line.

The letters in this family are l,t,i and u.

Saying the rhymes as the letters are formed helps your child to remember the shape and gives rhythm to their writing.

This family of letters is called The Fisher Family.

The letters in this group are y, j, f and g.

The pull motion in these letters is important so that the children understand the difference between the pulling tails of this family and the quick flick of the ‘q’.

Watch the video below to practise this formation.

This family of letters is called The Slider Family.

The letters in this group are k, v,w,x and z.

The children need to look carefully at the formation of these letters as it is important that the angle of the slide is consistent and that they sit neatly on the line.

Watch the video below to practise these letters.


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This week we have been learning how to use a variety of conjunctions in our writing. This game will help you connect the sentences choosing the appropriate conjunction. After you could have a go at writing your own story using some conjunctions. I would love to read them and I am sure it would be worth some extra dojo points!


Plea – DT photo frames

If you have any of the following that you are able to send in next week. That would really help. The children will be making a photo frame as part of this half term’s Design and Technology.

  • Cardboard (cereal packets)
  • cotton wool
  • sequins
  • glitter
  • tinsel
  • pipe cleaners
  • anything christmas themed

Please know you do not need to send everything off this list. Your child has made a design and will know the equipment they would like. Please have a chat to them and see what they need.

Please send it in on Monday 4th December

Thank you