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This picture link will take you to the WWF website in which you can find out some more information on whales. We will be writing reports on whales and I need some experts.


8 thoughts on “Whales…

  1. Hello
    Evie and I like watching wildlife documentaries so should know a little bit about whales already. Will try and visit the WWF website with her before school tomorrow.

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  2. I love our fabulous English you give us and its not very hard because you try your best to be nice to us and try not to give us to much hard work to do you are a amazing teacher telling us stuff for lessons thank you for all your hard work I feel sorry for you because it is to much hard work you to for us thanks ruby Thomas xx

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    1. Ah Ruby that’s so sweet. Thank you very much! Made my weekend and thank you for being so helpful all the time. Have a great weekend. 😀


  3. hello I have loved learning about lots of things that you have teached us I love it I wish you did not have to leave us I miss you so much I hope you and eva and ivy and mr Lloyd and your family is all having some nice weeks and weekends and holiday but I miss you too much you are the best teacher shhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks ruby Thomas xxxxxxxx

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