This weeks spellings are below. We will test them on Monday 16th January.

Children need their spelling books in school each day please.

Rule: Adding the suffix –ly to words ending with y.
If you add the suffix ly to an adjective, you can turn it into an adverb. Normally, you can add ly to a root word without  changing the spelling. However, if the root word ends with y you must change the final y into an i before you add ly.

  1. sleepily
  2. cheekily
  3. shakily
  4. messily
  5. hungrily
  6. nastily
  7. easily
  8. often
  9. learn
  10. arrive


Some children have these as their spellings. It is really important that children are able to apply these words and use them in their writing.

  1. that
  2. went
  3. some
  4. out
  5. could
  6. take
  7. all
  8. often
  9. learn
  10. arrive

2 thoughts on “Spellings

    1. Oh dear! Yes both were given today. Spellings were stuck in the book and her name went on her sheet! Glad you know now! Thanks for your support! 🙂


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