Maths this week!

This week we have been concentrating on comparing the size of numbers – using our knowledge of place value to help us find the largest and the smallest.  We used the special greater than, less than and equal to, signs to show which was greater.

We found it easier to understand if we thought of them as crocodiles, eating the largest numbers!


We also discovered that it is easy to add 10 and 100 to numbers and to subtract them from numbers.

We made the numbers with base ten equipment and looked at them on an abacus.  They helped us to understand what happenes when we change our numbers by 10 or 100.

This website is a great way of practising this very useful skill.


4 thoughts on “Maths this week!

      1. Sorry I meant to send this on the fruity fools post. My favurite fruit to make it with is banannas or apples. Not mouldy apples though! I have played some maths games this morning. I liked them. Love Layla

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