Inspiring workshop!

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We had a wonderful morning in 3WL today! Our classroom was full! Thank you very much to all the adults who came in to help today. Great fun was had by all. There were some amazing creations! The pictures show the wonderful smiles on all the faces.

Thank you very much for all your support!


spellings for test 22.1.18

Rule: Adding the suffix – ation
A suffix is a group of letters added to the end of a root word. The suffix –
ation turns verbs into nouns. If the verb ends in an e, remove the e before adding –ation.

e.g. Form = formation
continue = continuation.

  1. sleepily
  2. cheekily
  3. determination
  4. inspiration
  5. admiration
  6. determination
  7. observation
  8. describe
  9. grammar
  10. disappear

Some children have these spellings…

  1. then
  2. with
  3. are
  4. they
  5. make
  6. new
  7. next
  8. describe
  9. grammar
  10. disappear


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 19.48.52.png

We used this game in lesson this week to learn about adverbs and verbs. The children enjoyed using it as a class but some were very eager to have a go for themselves. Enjoy learning!

Column Addition

This is a repost and just a reminder. We have been learning about column addition last week and this video can support your child’s learning and you.

Now your child has practiced addition in columns without carrying, they are ready to understand why the ten needs to be carried across to the tens column.

Explain that any number greater than 9 can not be written in the units column. They will need to partition the number into tens and units and write the additional ten below the tens column ready to be added. Again reinforce that we always begin with the units column.

If they cross out the additional ten when adding,  it will encourage fewer mistakes when adding mentally.

Watch the clip below to practice with your child.

The Great Kapok Tree

For the next few weeks, we will be using the text ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry to inspire our writing.  The story is a beautiful tale in which the animals of the rainforest are given a voice to explain how chopping down a tree affects them all.

There is some beautiful vocabulary in the book which allow the reader to imagine the setting – but amazing illustrations to match.

great kapok tree

great kapok tree 1

Homework WB 8/1/18

The children have maths homework this week.

It is practice of vertical addition – this time not using base ten pictures!

Please encourage them and support as usual, but do give them the opportunity to try on their own first.

If support is needed, could you please write a note on where it has been given.

Please complete as much of the sheet as possible.  Some might be rather tricky!

A copy of the sheet is below – just in case it hasn’t arrived home!